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Department of Liquor and Lottery Encourages Licensees to Renew Ahead of April 30th Expiration

March 25, 2024

Berlin, Vt. – The Department of Liquor and Lottery (DLL) is encouraging licensees to renew early to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of liquor and tobacco licenses. Historically, all licenses and permits expired on April 30th. Act 154 of the 2019 Legislative Session set the expiration dates of all licenses one year from the date of issue. Act 177 of the 2022 Legislative session allowed the Department to stagger license expiration dates, and DLL has recently leveraged that authority to assist in flood recovery efforts to licenses that had the greatest impact.


However, around 3,500 licenses maintain the April 30th expiration date, and that date is fast approaching. DLL wishes to remind its partners that licenses can be renewed up to 150 days prior to their expiration. While DLL is proud to report that the consistent average processing time for all applications is currently around 13 days, it is important to note that some licenses require local control approval. This means additional processing time is needed to ensure that timely approval from local control administrators can occur.


To start a renewal, simply log on to DLL’s Online Licensing Portal. Once there, all licenses are displayed. Any license that needs renewal will have a button present on the right side of the screen displaying “Renew”. Clicking that button will open a renewal application and require the user to verify/enter required information and to submit that application to local control administrators or directly to DLL, depending on license type.


DLL wishes to thank approximately 1,800 licenses that expire on April 30th for already starting or completing their renewal process. DLL is also available to assist any licensees with the process by contacting us at, or by phone at (802)828-2345.


About DLL

The Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery (DLL) creates and maintains a regulatory framework of licensing, compliance, enforcement, and education through partnerships for the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and gaming products.