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Vermont Board of Liquor and Lottery

Picture of a door with a sign that says "Open Session. Public Welcome"

The Board of Liquor and Lottery consists of five members appointed by the governor.  The Board's primary responsibility is to see that the laws relating to alcohol are enforced and that the department collaborates with other law enforcement entities in the state. They act as a judicial board in hearing and adjudicating cases of violation by its licensees.  In addition they supervise the opening and operation of local agencies for the sale and distribution of spirituous liquors, oversee the financial transactions of the central office and the retail agencies, make rules and regulations and issue permits regarding alcohol manufacture, sales, and transport, adopt rules regarding labeling and advertising of malt or vinous beverages and spirituous liquors, and adopt rules regarding intrastate transportation of malt and vinous beverages. 

For more information on the statutes regarding alcoholic beverages and the operation of the Division of Liquor Control see The Vermont Statues Online website regarding Title 7: Alcoholic Beverages Chapter 5: Department of Liquor Control.

For more information on the statutes regarding Lottery operations see the Vermont Statutes Online website regarding Title 31: Recreation and Sports Chapter 14: State Lottery