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As of July 1, 2018 the Departments of Liquor Control and Lottery combined into the Department of Liquor and Lottery.  The Liquor Control Board and the Lottery Commission combined into a single entity now called the Liquor and Lottery Board.  Decisions made by the Liquor Control Board prior to July 1, 2018 may be found at the following page:  Liquor Control Board Decisions.

Business Docket No. Date of Decision
Vermont Vermouth 2020-002 04/07/20
North Branch Vineyards, LLC 2019-017 10/11/19
Atkins, Inc. d/b/a Ruben James 2019-015 08/20/19
Ya Dude, LLC /d/b/a Nectars 2019-002 06/05/19
Four Quarters Brewing d/b/a/ 5th Anniversary Festival 2019-014 05/09/19
Coriander, LLC 2019-012 05/08/19
Lake House Saloon, LLC 2019-011 05/08/19
Twin Flames Taqueria 2019-013 05/08/19
Aminah and Rayhan, LLC d/b/a Ludlow Shell 2019-007 04/11/19
Warren and Kathy Miller DBA The Elmore Store 2019-006 04/11/19
Twin Farms   03/13/19
Mingle VT Night Club, LLC 2019-001 02/20/19
BDM Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Orlando’s Bar and Lounge 2018-041 01/30/19
Farrell Distributing (John Varner) - Solicitor License 2019-005 01/09/19
Vitality Mart 2018-040 01/09/19
Walmart    12/12/18
HG Burlington, JV dba Hudson Group 2018-033 10/15/18
Vermont Community Investments LLC dba Spanked Puppy 2018-035 10/15/18
Neal's, LLC 2018-021 08/15/18
Route 7 Restaurant Associates of New England, dba Mulligan's Pub and Restaurant 2018-012 08/08/18
Backstage LLC dba Backstage Pub and Restaurant (Letter) 2018-013 07/11/18
Backstage LLC dba Backstage Pub and Restaurant 2018-013 07/09/18
















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Patrick T. Delaney, Commissioner
13 Green Mountain Drive
Montpelier VT 05602

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Gary Kessler, Deputy Commissioner

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